White Space is 9!

It's true...just past the 9 year time flies, right? Thoughts on Design (this newsletter) has been going strong since April of 2009--that's over 6 years. Amazing...In honor of these two milestones, this month's edition will feather other blog posts that I have been enjoying this week that I hope you will enjoy, too!

HOUZZ 50 Comfy Chairs

HOUZZ 9 ways to boost your all-white color scheme            

Apartment Therapy Inexpensive Outdoor Furniture


Let's talk about the outdoors...

I trust you are all looking forward to summer and outdoor living just as much as I...

One of the most important concepts of creating outdoor space is how one defines the space. Creating edges, shelter, interest, a focal point, considering flow...these are all ways of determining what the space with feel like. The following article from Houzz further illustrated this idea by exploring ways of creating structure around outdoor living:

Have a small urban yard you're itching to do something spectacular with? Here's an article that might instill some ideas...

Whatever your goal for outdoor living, I wish you a wonderful summer full of sun and smiles!


In the news...

The following project was recently highlighted in Trends magazine...the project really has timeless appeal, especially in terms of fitting into the aging housing market of Minneapolis. Using a clean and somewhat neutral palette allows the owners to alter the color scheme over time through choice of towels and rugs. A fantastically sunlit space with cozy proportions, this airy yet modernly appointed bath will function as well as please aesthetically for many years to come. 

Many thanks to Vujovich Design Build for the construction and marketing efforts on this project!